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"Hunting with Basset Hounds" is an Educational Experience for the Youth

Written by Autumn Craven

God's glorious creation, "Mother Earth" and everything on it, is your base for knowledge. For the youth of today, learning at their school is a necessity. Learning from "Hunting with Basset Hounds" will give the youth an educational experience in one day that could take months or possibly years to learn in school.

Hunting is a gift, given to the youth by an experienced hunter that will teach them one of man's earliest abilities, to be a predator. Learning from "Hunting with Basset Hounds" is also a gift, from the Hound, that will teach the youth what hunting is, from the eyes of a predator. "Hunting with Basset Hounds" will give the youth an educational experience in all fields of study from school and in every aspect of life.

The youth will discover various groupings of animals and gain knowledge of how they all rely on each other as predator or prey. The youth will learn that the predator is necessary to control population and disease. The youth will learn that squirrels and chipmunks are the developers of the forest. The youth will learn about various species of plant life, life cycles of all that grows, available food sources, use of astronomy for animal feeding cycles, predicting weather, use of a map, human characteristics of staying power, watchfulness and physical fortitude and how all of nature is in balance with everything.

The youth can have an educational experience of a lifetime from one day in the field "Hunting with Basset Hounds" is designed to bring hunters of all ages to a common meeting place. Our hunting community has drastically dropped over the last decade and we can only blame ourselves.

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